Fall For Me Chapter 3 por Songha

Fall For Me Chapter 3 por Songha

Titulo del libro : Fall For Me Chapter 3
Autor : Songha

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Songha con Fall For Me Chapter 3

Jihoon is confident that he can easily make guys, even straight ones, fall for him.It worked quite well up until he met Gyungwoo.Jihoon works as a nude model and is introduced to Gyungwoo for his personal photograph project.Gyungwoo appears nonchalant to Jihoon's looks, deeply hurting his pride.Now, Jihoon is determined to make Gyungwoo fall for him.© 2015 Songha, DAEWON C.I. Inc.Originally published by DAEWON C.I. Inc., Seoul, Korea.English translation rights arranged by DAEWON C.I. Inc.

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