A Company of Swans por Eva Ibbotson

A Company of Swans por Eva Ibbotson

Titulo del libro : A Company of Swans
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 4, 2008
Autor : Eva Ibbotson
Número de páginas : 404
ISBN : 0230014844
Editor : Young Picador

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Eva Ibbotson con A Company of Swans

Weekly ballet classes are Harriet Morton's only escape from her intolerably dull life. So when she is chosen to join a corps de ballet which is setting off on a tour of the Amazon, she leaps at the chance to run away for good.

Performing in the grand opera houses is everything Harriet dreamed of, and falling in love with an aristocratic exile makes her new life complete. Swept away by it all, she is unaware that her father and intended fiancé have begun to track her down . . .

A Company of Swans is a sweeping tale of romance, freedom and the beauty of dance from award-winning author, Eva Ibbotson.